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Medical Society

Welcome to Peoria Medical Society

The Peoria Medical Society was organized in 1848 and is the oldest continuous county medical society in Illinois. Its outstanding achievement has been a benefit to the development of organized medicine in this state and in the mid-west.

Patient Referrals

The society regularly refers patients to its member physicians. This provides physicians with a steady stream of potential patients, regardless of their hospital affiliations.

Free Programs:

The society organizes various programs for its members and their spouses at no cost. These programs encompass educational, social, and family-oriented events, creating an atmosphere free from external pressures and politics.

Active Board of Directors

The society's Board of Directors is comprised of local physicians who are dedicated to supporting members. They work diligently to organize engaging programs and are willing to get involved to address member needs and concerns.

Why Become PMS Member?

Who WE Are

Caregivers You Can Trust

Physicians who are members of their local medical societies are committed to the practice of medicine and a high standard of excellence for healthcare delivery in their communities. Our physician members care about their patients enough to belong to their chapter of organized medicine and stand together to protect the patient-physician relationship.  The Peoria Medical Society offers a physician referral service to assist patients  in finding a doctor.

Innovative and engaged

Our physicians are on the cutting edge of technology and are committed to the sharing of information for continuous education. Many have held patents and been instrumental in developing new procedures, actively participating in clinical studies and  working to improve health care delivery in a variety of ways through communication and collaboration. Students look to our physician leaders and mentors for education, 

hands-on experience with patients and a continuous circle of support.


The society acts as the local voice for its members, advocating on their behalf regarding policy, legislative matters, and other important issues in the medical field. This ensures that the interests of member physicians are represented and promoted effectively.

Personalized Practice Assistance

Members receive personalized assistance with networking and establishing personal contacts. This support can be instrumental in communicating new ideas and finding solutions to challenges faced in medical practice management.

Foundation Support

The society has a foundation that plays a crucial role in supporting medical and nursing students through scholarship awards. Additionally, the foundation supports other organizations that focus on health education and health-related services for the community, contributing to the betterment of healthcare in the region.

Social programs

The Peoria Medical Society fosters family oriented programs several times a year in order to encourage our physicians and their families to relax and enjoy time together. We plan fun activities that include spouses and children!

Medical Practice Support

The Peoria Medical Society offers support, assistance and a list of resources for medical practice administrators and leaders. Our goal is to provide ongoing and useful information to the physicians and their hardworking staff members.

Educational opportunities

The Peoria Medical Society places a strong emphasis on professional development and continuing medical education (CME) as part of its comprehensive suite. Beyond the general educational programs, the society actively promotes and facilitates ongoing learning opportunities for its physician members.

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